Monday, May 29, 2006

How do I improve our English ability through English websites?

How do I improve English ability through using English websites?

In modern society, English has been considered to be a language for use internationally. It

is important in many a way. First, English, among all languages being used, is the most

practical and enables us to acquire as much information as is needed on line. Second,

people from different countries need to use English to help them do business successfully.

Third, it's good fun communicating with foreigners in English while we're traveling to

other countries. Indeed, English has been playing a large part in our daily lives.

The internet has billions of web sites. You could spend your whole life surfing the

web and never visit them all! Are you looking for some fun and educational sites?

Don’t miss out on these interesting web sites.

Just like Google earth if you planning a trip and went to see the place beforehand, you

can see pictures of any place on earth. Simply type in an address, it will show you a

recent satellite image of the location. And we can improve our English by watching

English movie and we can use Inter Movie Database, This site has information on

more than 400000 movies. We can write what our think about a movie, and it also

lists information on all your favorite movie stars. We can using BBC improve our

English with listening and reading exercises, quizzes and communicating with others

through message boards and discussion group.

Now that we know how important English is, it's necessary for us to learn to use it. In my

experience, we who want to improve our English must do the following things. First, we

had best read as many books written in English as possible. Second, we may as well see

English movies or watch English programs on TV as often as we can. Third, we should

keep on writing in English, such as keeping a diary or writing to pen pals. I firmly believe

that if we constantly use English in our daily lives, we must be able to master it soon.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On Marriage

For me, marriage is the result and extension of love. Therefore, romantic love is

the most important condition for marriage. Marriages based on romantic love

will bring forth beautiful and intelligent children. A happy marriage helps one

to achieve more in one's career.

I ever had a girl friend in junior high. I didn't have a good experience at my first

love. In my 16 years old, I met a very good friend in school. I met her brother

accidentally. We fell in love very fast. In that time I hoped I could meet her after

finish the school everyday. I felt I was very happy and the world was so great in

that time. We went to the cinemas and shopping all the time, but she separated with

me when we had to study in different school.. In “Strawberry Generation” likes us,

has low resistance and stability. We can’t withstand pressure. In the end, we broke


So how can I maintain a relationship with my girlfriend or even in the marriage

life? To find a Mr. or Mrs. Right to get married to, this is for sure! Try to find out the

one I think who is my truly soul mate. If I choose the right people to get married,

therefore, the relationship is more likely to be maintained. The golden rule that

everybody should keep in mind is that -- to value my marriage. If I consider it a game,

I will end up with a game over!

Monday, February 13, 2006


1 . CALL ALCPT : http://ehlchaffin.com
選EFL Place 進入alcpt 練習

2 . English Lab Online : http://www.english-trailers.com (影片寫作)

3 . 自修 : http://www.esl-lab.com (聽力練習)

Monday, January 09, 2006


披頭四合唱團 (The Beatles),於1957年在英國成立的搖滾樂樂團,
其實是在1960 年代,才由鮑伯狄倫和披頭四帶起,
像是創搖滾樂的先例在 "Yesterday" 中加入弦樂、不斷的實驗各種錄音技巧,
其中最重要的是 "Sgt. Pepper's Hearts Club Bands" 這張史上第一次以「概念專輯」
這個風靡全球的樂團,主要的四位成員如下:主唱及節奏吉他手 ─ 約翰‧藍儂 (John Lennon)、主唱及貝斯手 ─ 保羅‧麥卡尼 (Paul Mccartney),兩人被公認為最佳的創作搭擋,
披頭四大多數的歌曲是他們所寫的、主吉他手 ─ 喬治‧哈里遜 (George Harrison),
也具有相當的才華,以及鼓手 ─ 林哥‧史達 (Ringo Starr)。   
披頭四合唱團 (The Beatles) 於1957年成軍,1963年從德國紅回英國又攻進美國,
他們的單曲、專輯張張大賣,成為家喻戶曉的世界級人物 ,
使披頭四永遠不可能重組。 永遠的披頭四  從1970年披頭四解散距離今已有三十年之久,
其中最為人樂道的是在1995年發行的真跡紀念輯系列 (Anthology),專輯還未上市就造成歌迷大排長龍,後來這套專輯也順利地成為冠軍專輯,還造成了第一張冠軍專輯和最新冠軍專輯相隔最久的紀錄,其間相差了32年。  

Let it be(讓它去吧)
When I find myself in time of trouble當我發覺自己陷入苦惱的時候
Mother Mary comes to me聖母瑪莉亞來到我面前
Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧
And in my hour of darkness在我黑暗的時刻裡
She is standing right in front of me她就站在我面前
Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧
Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧
Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧
Whisper words of wisdom: Let it be輕輕說著智慧之語:讓它去吧
And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree當世上所有心碎的人們都同意There will be an answer: Let it be會有一個答案:讓它去吧
For though they may be parted雖然他們也許分手了
There is still a chance that they will see仍有機會可以看清楚
There will be an answer: Let it be會有一個答案:讓它去吧
Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧
Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧
Yeah, there will be an answer: Let it be是的,會有一個答案:讓它去吧
And when the night is cloudy當夜晚烏雲密佈
There is still a light that shines on me有道光芒依然照耀著我
Shine until tomorrow. Let it be直到明日,讓它去吧
I wake up to the sound of music我在音樂聲中醒來
Mother Mary comes to me聖母瑪莉亞來到我面前
Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧

Monday, January 02, 2006

Global Warming

The natural environment and our life support system are the

basis for a healthier world, healthier economy, healthier society,

and overall a healthier human.

Nowadays climate change may affect people's health both

directly and indirectly. For example, heat stress and other heat

related health problems are caused directly by very warm

temperatures and high humidity. Untreated, heat stress can be a

very serious medical problem. Scientists suspect that, in many

places, global warming will increase the number of very hot

days that occur during the year. More hot days increases the

possibility of heat related health problems.

Global warming may make the sea level become higher.

Why? Well, warmer weather makes glaciers melt. A glacier is a

large sheet of ice that moves very, very slowly. Some melting

glaciers add more water to the ocean. Warmer temperatures also

make water expand. When water expands in the ocean, it takes

up more space and the level of the sea rises.

To reduce air pollution by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike,

or walking, planting trees is fun and a great way to

reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas,

from the air.

To Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers.

When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you

help save natural resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as


Which ways do you consider to prevent our environment from

causing the warming?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

movie and my life

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a story of a husband and wife who are working as assassins, unbeknownst to each other, and not surprisingly, are in therapy to save their marriage. Ironically, they both believe their lives together are too boring.John Smith (Brad Pitt) meets Jane (Angelina Jolie) while both are in danger of being exposed in a foreign country, while working. They are both experienced assassins at the time and go with the flow, and eventually falling for each other. Neither tells the other what they actually do for a living.Needless to say, they find each other out and both agencies who they work for, give the order to kill the other within 48 hours. Thus, the hijinx ensue. Both are vying for control and to discover how much the other actually knows. Upon finding that they both know everything, a full on mini-war begins.This movie has a little bit of everything. The Smiths are not without their humorous sides, especially Brad Pitt. Also, there are a few good fight scenes, between The Smiths along with some others. There are a few nice weapons to be admired here, as well as some very nice eye candy (I am talking about Miss Jolie, but I hear the ladies are fond of Brad, also). Also, I would like to give an honorable mention to Vince Vaughn as Eddie. I feel his performance was funny, but too small for this movie.This movie is a fun little romp through the house with some nice action scenes. Recommended if you would like a somewhat toned down